Why Acustar?

We provide a full range of management consulting solutions that are critical to the success of any business:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Management
  • Business Development
  • Organizational Growth

Client-focused service, confidentiality, and competence are our core values. We are always ready to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Our philosophy is we succeed by helping you succeed.

Some businesses strive to increase revenues and still find themselves struggling with dwindling profits. We focus on enhancing profits and improving organizational effectiveness. We engage a multidisciplinary approach and look at the big picture. Management decisions in one dimension of the business affect the whole. Without a holistic perspective and systems thinking, what appears to be a great solution for one issue may be the precursor of a different challenge. Our approach precludes conflicts among functional units and is extremely efficacious in identifying opportunities, developing strategic directions, motivating employees, and integrating operational processes to attain exceptional results.

The broad-based experience of our seasoned professionals in numerous industries makes Acustar Consulting your total resource center. Examples of the variety of companies that have benefited from our consultants' creative solutions are:

  • Multinational apparel manufacturer and distributor realized 25% increase in profits.
  • Startup telecommunications business grew to 112 accounts within one year.
  • Healthcare organization accomplished zero deficiency in regulatory surveys.
  • Global transportation company achieved 20% savings in purchasing management.
  • Foreign exchange student program secured 50% market share in new territory.

A Brief History

Acustar Consulting was founded as a management consulting firm serving small to medium size businesses. Many such businesses started because their owners excelled in a technical field, be it medical services or engineering. However, they often lacked the management skills or the time to run the business in a way that could maximize the profit potential. Acustar Consulting, the Superstar for Profit Enhancement, came in to help these businesses increase productivity and profitability. With the addition of our environmental and occupational health division, EOH Consulting (www.eohconsulting), we serve a broad clientele that comprises organizations of many sizes. We look forward to serving you!

We offer one-hour FREE consultation. Contact us for details.